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Lu Liu Village

Liu Village is a bustling town near Binzhou City in central Shandong Province. The village is situated off of one of Shandong’s main road arteries. The small streets and alleyways of this village offer a perfect place for impromptu neighborhood gatherings. Villagers seem to be constantly on the move, riding bikes, scooters and carts on their way to work offering a friendly nod as they pass. The center of the village is a buzz of movement as people exchange goods and swap stories.

This region is well known for it’s folk traditions including cloth animals. In this village you will be able to visit with one artist who has taken this craft to new levels, employing women from throughout the village to work to create hundreds of pieces each month. Please explore the artist’s workshop to learn more about this craft and don’t forget to visit the Village Life section to get a closer glimpse into everyday life in Lu Liu Village.