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Lang Village

Lang village is a small village in Guan County. Located in the northwest corner of Shandong Province, Lang Village has a long agricultural history, with a modest yet complex way of life that has been passed down through generations. The people of Lang Village have maintained a deep connection with their heritage through their folk beliefs and traditions.

Lang Village, which translates roughly to “wolf” village, receives its name from a folk tale that every villager grows up hearing. During the Warring States Period of Chinese history, wild wolves were tormenting the village and attacking the children. To save themselves, the villagers made children out of dough, laced them with poison, and fed them to the wolves. Thus began an art form that has taken several forms over hundreds of years. Please visit the Artist’s Workshop to meet one of the last remaining dough artists in the village, and to learn about the process and history of this fascinating tradition. Don’t forget to check out the Village Life section to get an up close glimpse of the place these artists live and work.