Saran's Tailor Shop

On July 3rd, 2013, the ChinaVine team visited Saran’s tailoring shop in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. At the shop, Saran and her employees create beautiful handmade embroidery with local and regional fabrics. With expert knowledge of her craft, Saran works with her clients to ensure their custom-made clothing is appropriate for not only their purpose, but also their specific Inner Mongolian tribe. As shown in the photos and video, there are many different styles and types of outfits depending on an individual’s familial heritage and occasion for wearing the clothing types. Depending on the desired complexity of the handmade embroidery, making a single piece of clothing can take up to weeks or months to ensure precision, accuracy, and the highest quality traditional clothing. The photos and videos below, captured by the ChinaVine team, exemplify the sketching and drafting process required for creating custom clothing designs as well as myriad fabric styles and colors used for traditional Mongolian dress.