shutes-AAD 250

Insole embroidery truly demonstrates the artwork behind a shoe. Shoes aren’t simply just a piece of material you put on your foot, they often can tell a story about an individual. Depending on what kind of shoe a person has on one can often get a generalized idea of that person’s status, their interests, if they are a businessman/woman, if they are more sporty or fashionista and so on. Embroidered insoles in modern China go beyond this though and can depict the bonding between family members, lovers and friends. As Yuchen writes, “Women embedded their affection into every thread and every stitch to form resplendent patterns, entrusting her sentiments to the insole.” I think American society puts more emphasis on what a shoe can portray to public while China’s embroidered insoles have a much more intimate relationship with the maker and owner. These shoes are made to show love and family bonding while shoes like Christian Louboutin’s display status. I think the key difference lies in the fact that American’s put so much emphasis on conformity and trying to “fit-in” rather than promoting individuality.


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