AAD252 Week 3B Part2

After read the article “Insole embroidery: Overview—Introduction” and “Insole embroidery: Overview—Insole Designs.” I find the connection between Chinese insole embroidery and footwear, there are some hidden messages in footwear, and there also are some hidden messages in Chinese insole embroidery. Chinese insole embroidery is origin from Tang Dynasty. It is all hand made, and only can be used by noble and very wealthy people. So at first, as I wrote in part 1, Chinese insole embroidery can show the status of people just like footwear. During the development of society, Chinese insole embroidery become more and more popular in China and almost people can use it. There are also some hidden messages in Chinese insole embroidery. First of all, Chinese insole embroidery is a form to convey the love and blessing from the designers to the users. Then, wherever people go, if they wear this kind of insole which is made by their family, they will always feel the warm of the family. Finally, the Chinese insole embroidery expresses the culture of China. We can observe the details of Chinese insole embroidery; it is very different from other kinds of insole. The silk thread of the embroidery can massage our foot gently, so it is good for our heath. The pattern on the insole always shows the traditional images of China such as Kylin, dragon and some special symbols and we also can distinguish the gender from these different patterns. For example, the dragons are always be appeared on men’s insole, and phoenix always be showed on women’s insole. In all, Chinese insole embroidery is not only a way to make insole, it is a way to show art to all the people. But there is a question here, the craft of Chinese insole embroidery is almost be submerged by some modern technologies, how can we make Chinese insole embroidery keep working in our society?

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