AAD252: Embroidered Insoles

I think that the idea of embroidering insoles is a very personal and meaningful thing. Unlike high heels which are meant to stand out and be looked upon, insoles are hidden from any viewer and only the wearer knows what exactly it looks like. Embroidered insoles aren’t meant to be for show, they are a part of Chinese culture – a tradition passed down many years. It was meant as an acknowledgement of wealth or esteemed family lines, similar to how shoes today in American culture represent wealth, although in a more reserved manner.  Each insole requires a lot of hard work and this hard work shoes how much love the artist (usually Chinese woman) have for their family and how much dedication they are willing to put in to show this in a beautiful and elegant way. I think that this tradition is very powerful and much more important and meaningful than merely going to the store and buying a new pair of heels to flash around.

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