AAD 252 week 3b

In Chinese insole embroidery, the peony symbolizes wealth and prosperity. The difference between shoes as symbols of wealth in China and the United States can be shown by comparing insole embroidery with shoes like  Louboutin’s. Christian Louboutin is famous for his red soled high heels, which can be seen by whomever is in view of the shoe. Chinese insoles are worn inside the shoe and not obvious to bystanders. Other symbols like bats and plumflowers are also used to symbolize wealth and status. Because of the amount of time that are put into these insoles, many people just wear them during their weddings. In the United States it seems that there are so many knock offs of everything that just about anyone can obtain a knock off shoe of all the expensive designers.

I really appreciate the time and meaning put into the Chinese embroidered insoles. Sometimes I buy shoes just because they look cool or seem so outrageous that nobody would wear them. Do you think we can sometimes wear things without even considering their meaning?

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