AAD 252 Summer12 Week 3b – by Qiyue Wu

Topics: Visual Arts Tags: Embroidery

After I read the “Introduction” and “Insole Designs”, I was very surprised about Chinese people’s skills and creativity. Even though I am a native Chinese, I did not realize that my country has such a brilliant artwork. Those insoles are not only beautiful and cute, but also have certain meanings. For example, “The combination of the fish pattern and Chinese Characters “??” “????”suggests superabundance and peace that is promoted with each step.” (https://chinavine.uoregon.edu/2012/06/07/insole-embroidery-overview-insole-designs/). Every pair of embroidered insoles has its meaning, which is love, peace, and auspicious and so on.

As I know that it is not very easy to see embroidered insoles today because only a few people have skills to make them. Embroidered insoles are more and more valuable. As I wrote in the Part I that collecting shoes is becoming a trend and culture, I think people who love the design of insoles should work together to protect this kind of culture. They can form an organization to collect embroidered insoles and make this art popular to the world just like the culture of “sneakers”. China has a very long history with diversified art and culture. Once this artwork spreads to western countries, there will be a merging of different cultures and art.

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