AAD 252 Summer12 Week 3b ~ by: Amy Duryea

While reading the articles, “Insole Embroidery: Introduction” and “Insole Embroidery: Insole Design,” It became clear to me that the tradition of embroidering not only relays a family’s status, but the soles also speak of messages. For example, certain symbols embroidered into the soles may speak of safety, blessings, justice or messages to go home. Further, some of the messages may also speak of family unity and harmony or the same for a new relationship. I propose these messages further validate the Eastern culture as a collectivist culture. The mentality is not about personifying the individual, but rather the community through the artwork of the embroidery of the footwear. This is in stark contrast to the American culture that promotes an individualistic culture, and encompasses the “its all about me” persona. The American culture is far more concerned with what looks good in footwear (fashion), footwear that represent personal status of the individual (wealth, power, prestige), or how can I show my extreme individuality through footwear. Typically it is thought that through expressing extreme individuality through footwear, it then becomes art. I would also like to mention that the time and effort put into these pieces of embroidered artwork shows tradition, and where there is tradition there is unity. Is there anyone else who agrees/disagrees or can expand on what I have made mention too?


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