AAD 252 Part 2b

Topics: Fibers

The artist Li Ruo Fencreates beautiful pieces of art work in the form of insoles in shoes, these insoles all have different meanings but all share the same of goal of bringing good fortune the wearer. The insoles can be adorned with such things as a peony which implies wealth and nobility or a fish for peace. The insoles are so time consuming and costly to make they are normally only worn once on a wedding day or other special occation. Earlier in the week I read an article about the cost of comfort for fashion in our own western culture. This articles can be linked in the way that both ideals cost the wearer in some way. In this case a wearer will purchase a very expensive item of little use in hope that it brings luck or fortune upon them. In western culture women will wear high heels in order to appear taller at the cost of comfort and higher risk of injury. In both cases women are willing to spend money for an item with little function in order to help themselves. At what lengths are females willing to sacrifice for the good of a relationship or finding a mate? I theorize that in both these cases women are willing to put forth about any effort in order to ensure better offspring and mate. It can be seen in nature that animals will go to any length including death in order to ensure a better mate. Now humans tend think ourselves more civilized but I believe in our genes lies our bestial past that explains why women wear shoes that harm them or insoles that they wear once in hopes of good luck. 

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