AAD 252: Insoles/Embroidery

Topics: Meaning

These insoles are so unique and really special. So much work and dedication goes in with ever thread sewn, it’s hard not to appreciate something so beautiful. I have such respect for the work put into each insole. I never realized how meaningful each one is and how personal they are (to both receiver and giver). Each insole is created with a message that is so personal between the person who created it and the person they are made for. It’s very touching. Like other footwear in other cultures these insoles are more than a fashion statement. They speak a lot about the person and their relationships with others. These insoles are a piece of history that continues, unlike many of the “foot folklore” discussed in the other articles which have faded with time. Additionally, the message of the insole expands beyond the relationships between the person gifted with them and the person who made them. People can purchase these at their own will and their decision as to which one they want will depend highly on the message they want to give to others about themselves. This is also similar to the folklores in history (i.e., longer the point, the wealthier the wearer) and also relates to modern times as well. Even today, many people wear shoes that subtly convey messages about them (wether their choice is conscious or not). For example, an athlete would probably choose a more athletic looking shoes over, say a flipflop or dress shoes, to represent his athleticism. In much the same way, the wearer of insoles may choose their pattern/design in a way that best represents how they want to be portrayed by others.

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