AAD 252 Insole Embroidery(Binglu Zhang)

I’m a Chinese student, and I really have personal experience on the insole embroidery. In the first 10 years of my life, I always use the insole embroidery in my shoes, the insole embroidery was made by my grandma. I think most chinese kid who was born during 1990s had the same experience about the insole embroidery.It is more comfortable and beautiful than the insole we use todays. There have a situation about the insole embroidery in China,fewer and fewer people can make the insole embroidery, most insole embroidery maker are old people. There are very few young people want to learn this skill, once these old maker gone, the skill of insole embroidery will also lost. I hope more and more people can pay attention on this, and more young people to inherit it.

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