AAD 252: Insole embroidery

I loved looking at the embroidered work of these Chinese artists and it make me think about how fashion in shoes are like and unlike ours in the United States. Looking at shoes here in the U.S. a lot of them come from factories where not a lot of work has gone into the labor of them. I’m sure it took a lot of thought into the design of the shoe but when it came to actually creating the shoe, it probably took less than one hour. Looking at the detail and work put into the insoles that these Chinese artists, the labor was probably a lot more extensive than that of a shoe here in the United States. It’s interesting also to note the similarity these insoles have to shoes in America. Culturally, we wear shoes for comfort, style, and status here in the US and it is a way to decorate our feet. In China, these insoles are a way to decorate their feet, as well. Through this embroidered art, it connects them to their family, love, and their status in their country, much like our shoes do here in the United States.

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