AAD 252- Insole Embroidery

The concept of Insole Embroidery is something that clearly relates to the idea of wearing shoes to display a certain message, instead of for comfort and practicality.  It is not necessary for people to wear embroidered insoles in their shoes, but it is a tradition that is popular for the appearance and meaning behind the specific design.  The Peony flower is considered to be a sign of wealth and nobility, which is shown off to other people.  This relates to the same idea of wearing nice shoes to show wealth, instead of wearing a pair of shoes that would be most comfortable.  I find it interesting that it is a common practice throughout different cultures for people to focus more on the design and appearance of their footwear, instead of caring more about how practical it is on a daily basis.  This is not something that I have spent a lot of time researching before this, and it makes me wonder how many ideas of fashion we have in common with other cultures, even though those ideas and values are displayed in such a variety of ways and look to be very different across cultures.

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