AAD 252 Insole Embroidery

Insole Embroidery has a long history in China and can be dated back as long as 2000 years ago. It was a very popular thing to do to serve as a tribute to the royal family or other aristocrats. Women would create one of a kind designs for these insoles and consist of various extravagant colors and pictures. This connects with what I wrote about in Feet & Fashion when discussing sneaker heads and how they collect rare shoes of all different kinds. These insoles are one of a kind and are very beautiful, which also goes for many of these different pairs of shoes that sneaker heads collect. Like I said, I was an a minor sneaker head for awhile and loved collected all different kinds of sneakers and this insole embroidery reminds me a lot of that. What do you guys think about collecting sneakers and how this can relate to the beautiful designs used in this insole embroidery technique?

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