Cultural Representations in Folk Art

While folk art can be highly innovative, it is rooted in a particular cultural context.  This section of lessons demonstrates how folk art is linked to traditional ways of living and understanding the world.

 Insole Embroidery: Walking in Beauty Insole Embroidery: Walking in Beauty:
Explore the ways in which embroidered insoles are designed and how they function to protect and bring good fortune to the wearer.
 Bristle Dolls: Creating Cultural Identity Bristle Dolls: Creating Cultural Identity:
Learn about Peking Opera bristle dolls and explore how they relate to other kinds of dolls with regard to formulating one’s individual and cultural identity.
 Needle and Thread Box: Personalizing Prized Containers Needle and Thread Box: Personalizing Prized Containers:
By way of needle and thread boxes, analyze everyday objects and their specially designed containers.
 Paper Cuts: Documenting and Constructing Daily Life Paper Cuts: Documenting and Constructing Daily Life:
Discover how paper cuts document Chinese history and culture and how this art form can relate to individual and community-based values and belief structures.
 Yo-Yo:  Connecting Body and Mind Yo-Yo: Connecting Body and Mind:
Successfully accomplishing tricks with a yo-yo takes practice. This lesson explores the relationship that takes place between the mind and body when working with a yo-yo.