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Featured Expat Artist: Joey Foster Ellis – Interview Posted Oct 31, 2012 by CrystalRuth

1. Why and how did you choose to move your creative practice to China? I ended up here by fate in some sense. There is definitely a unique perspective we can all get from being in a new place. I ...

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ChinaVine Team – Chinavine Team Gallery Posted Oct 23, 2012 by Chinavine

The Chinavine team has traveled to China many times over the years and each trip has been a unique experience. Below is a sample of the many happy moments our team members have shared:

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He Xue-sheng – Artist At Work Beijing Province Posted Aug 1, 2012 by dblandy

He Xue-sheng is a successful painter in Song Zhuang. Mr. He was born in 1963 during the Cultural Revolution. Originally from Su Pu village in Sourthern Ningxia Hui Autonmous District in North Central China, he came to Beijing in 1993. ...

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He Xue-sheng – Introduction Beijing Province Posted Aug 1, 2012 by dblandy

Song Zhuang is an expansive collection of villages in the Tong Zhou District in the eastern suburbs of Beijing. Home to more than a thousand artists (it is unknown how many), Song Zhuang has become known internationally as a haven ...

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AAD Insole Embroidery Posted Jul 13, 2012 by Chinavine

The insole embroidery is an interesting tradition, I have never really thought of the beliefs behind decorative or meaningful insoles but I do appreciate the tradition. There is a lot of emphasis on the feet throughout various cultures and history. ...

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AAD 252: Insoles/Embroidery Posted Jul 13, 2012 by carinac

These insoles are so unique and really special. So much work and dedication goes in with ever thread sewn, it’s hard not to appreciate something so beautiful. I have such respect for the work put into each insole. I never ...


AAD 3A Qstanier Posted Jul 13, 2012 by Qstanier

Chinese footwear has different meanings due to the symbols on the sole. A dragon is the highest mascot while the combination of the pine and crane symbolizes good wishes for a long life. You will give these different soles depending ...

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AAD 252 week 3b Posted Jul 12, 2012 by skyd

In Chinese insole embroidery, the peony symbolizes wealth and prosperity. The difference between shoes as symbols of wealth in China and the United States can be shown by comparing insole embroidery with shoes like  Louboutin’s. Christian Louboutin is famous for ...

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AAD 252 Summer12 Week 3b ~ by: Amy Duryea Posted Jul 10, 2012 by duryea

While reading the articles, “Insole Embroidery: Introduction” and “Insole Embroidery: Insole Design,” It became clear to me that the tradition of embroidering not only relays a family’s status, but the soles also speak of messages. For example, certain symbols embroidered ...

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Qibao Shadow Play – Shadow Play Theater Shanghai Province Posted May 31, 2012 by jaclyn.bousquet

Stories: Chinese Shadow Play depicts an assortment of stories, ranging from traditional folk tales, comedies, scary stories, love stories, and stories of war and battle.  Contemporary theaters often show traditional stories as well as newer, modern stories within their plays. ...

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