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He Xue-sheng – Artist At Work Beijing Province Posted Aug 1, 2012 by dblandy

He Xue-sheng is a successful painter in Song Zhuang. Mr. He was born in 1963 during the Cultural Revolution. Originally from Su Pu village in Sourthern Ningxia Hui Autonmous District in North Central China, he came to Beijing in 1993. ...

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Gaobeidian – Introduction Beijing Province Posted Aug 1, 2012 by dblandy

Gaobeidian village is a suburb of Beijing, located in the city’s Eastern Chaoyang district next to the Tonghui River. The thousand-years-old  village has a rich and complex history. Unlike most northern Chinese villages today, Gaobeidian has little farmland and agriculture. ...

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Gaobeidian – Gaobeidian’s Artists Beijing Province Posted Jul 28, 2012 by dblandy

The Women’s Handicraft Association Formally founded in 2008, the Women’s Handicraft Association is comprised of approximately 30 women who come together to work on their handicraft work with funding support from the local government. Each of the women works an ...

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Gaobeidian – Cultural Heritage Beijing Province Posted Jul 28, 2012 by dblandy

Gaobeidian has undergone significant change over its thousand-year history. Historically the village served as the main port on the Grand Canal when Beijing was the imperial capital, from the Yuan dynasty (1206-1368) to the end of the Qing dynasty (1616-1911). ...

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AAD 3A Qstanier Posted Jul 13, 2012 by Qstanier

Chinese footwear has different meanings due to the symbols on the sole. A dragon is the highest mascot while the combination of the pine and crane symbolizes good wishes for a long life. You will give these different soles depending ...

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Woodcut Painting: Zhao Jing Lin 赵景林 & Zhao Jing Hua 赵景华 – Artist At Work Da Zhao Village, Shandong Province Posted Dec 5, 2011 by Chinavine

Here you can see Zhao Jing Lin and Zhao Jing Hua’s tools and process as they demonstrate how they create a woodcut print through several layers.

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Bristle Dolls: Bai Dacheng 白大成: 鬃人 – Cultural Heritage Beijing Province Posted Nov 16, 2011 by Chinavine

Bristle dolls are modeled after Peking Opera roles. Dolls are arranged on a metal plate and “dance” when the plate is struck. When struck, the plate resonates, sounding much like Peking Opera music. When creating the dolls, Bai takes care ...

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Silk Flower: Jin Tieling – Artist At Work Beijing Province Posted Nov 14, 2011 by Chinavine

First, Jin takes wet, white silk and dyes it. To make the flowers look as real as possible, the petals are slightly varied in color and shading. A basic palette of yellow, pink, blue, light purple, and light green paints ...

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Needle and Thread Boxes: Zhe Yong Qing & Sun Xiu Ying – Artist At Work Xiaozhan Village, Shandong Province Posted Nov 14, 2011 by Chinavine

To make each box, Zhe begins with a mat that he weaves from Chinese sorghum stalks. After sweeping the mat to remove dirt and dust, he wheat-pastes pieces of newspaper to the mat and traces an outline for the box’s ...

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Woodcut Books: Yang Fuyuan and Yang Haijun – Woodcut Book Da Zhao Village, Shandong Province Posted Oct 26, 2011 by Chinavine

This book is a woodcut picture collection featuring twenty-four stories about xiao, or filial piety, a love and respect for parents and ancestors, which is one of the most important virtues in Confucian thought. For example, the fifth story of ...

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