Taijiquan: Master Li Enjiu 李恩久: 太极拳
Taijiquan: Master Li Enjiu 李恩久: 太极拳 - Introduction

Master Li is a tàijíquán master in the city of Jinan in Shandong Province. He is a world recognized practitioner of the Chen style of tàijíquán. Master Li began learning chinese martial arts at the age of 6, practicing many empty-hand and weapon forms. In 1974, Master Li began his study of taijiquan. Master Li’s teacher was Master Hong Jun Sheng, an 18th generation lineage holder of the Chen style. Master Hong’s teacher was Chen Fake, a 17th generation master of the Chen style.

Master Hong (1906-1996) was a Chen stylist from Beijing, where he studied with Grandmaster Chen Fake for 15 years. Master Hong moved to Jinan in the 1940s where he established a strong presence for the Chen style in Jinan. He died in 1996 and dedicated his life to the advancement of Chen style tàijíquán, having authored some 20 books on the subject.

Chen Fake (1887-1957) is widely regarded as having brought Chen style tàijíquán out of the Chen village and spreading it to other regions of China. Before Chen Fake moved to Beijing and began teaching, Chen style tàijíquán was a closely held family secret, taught only to members of the Chen family.


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