Mongolian Calligraphy: Chao Luo Meng (Colmon) 朝洛蒙: 书法

On July 4th, 2014, the ChinaVine team visited Chao Luo Meng (Colmon) at his office in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, in the People’s Republic of China. Colmon is the Mongolian spelling of his name. The purpose of our visit was to document a demonstration of an ancient practice: writing calligraphy. However, this practice is in even rarer form with Colmon as he writes in the Mongolian language. Mongolian is written vertically, with continuous, flowing brushstrokes and varying ink pressure. The photos and video below are examples of Colmon’s work environment, tools (including brush, ink stone, ink, stamp, special paper and notes), and beautiful examples of Mongolian calligraphy.