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The scholars, graduate students and undergraduate students contributing to ChinaVine are associated with the fields of folklore, art, the humanities education, linguistics, and cultural policy, among others in the US and China. Contributors are associated with the University of Oregon, the University of Central Florida, Shandong University of Art and Design, Beijing Normal, The Ohio State University, and The University of Maine among other institutions. Independent scholars also contribute to the project.

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A General Letter for Teachers and Administrators

Dear Administrators and Teachers: Teachers in school districts are incorporating ChinaVine, an online multi-media exploration of China’s cultural heritage in their classrooms. Scholars, graduate students and undergraduates contributing to ChinaVine are associated with fields of folklore, art, the humanities education, ...

04/3/13 1:44 AM
What does “province” refer to on ChinaVine?

The People’s Republic of China is divided into five administrative levels: provincial, prefecture, county, township and village. The provincial level includes provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, and special administrative regions. On ChinaVine  “province”  is used rather than designation by sub level.

04/3/13 1:24 AM
ChinaVine is now on tumblr!

ChinaVine is now on tumblr; ChinaVine is now on tumblr! Be sure to follow along here: http://chinavine.tumblr.com/

07/10/12 10:50 PM