Xige Xia
Letters from Far Away (Project 3)

Material: Color ink painting on rice papers

The Chan (Zen) in Chinese calligraphy inspired me in this project. The three ways of writing I used are the foundational motions in calligraphy art. They may seem simplistic but there are many criteria to define whether it’s a good stroke or not. Besides the skills required, I am more interested how these simple lines become a media to truly feel and express myself, and also record a moment. It can track your shiver, your pause, and even your breath. It’s like a diary with no words. This is the Chan inside this work. Writing these strokes becomes a ritual for me; it lets my mind fly out of me and observe my heart. I’m learning about myself using a traditional meditative way but composing something out of traditional standard of Chinese art. It feel like continuing an unfinished letter that people have been written throughout a long history. But in each stroke, without forming any character, I am communicating with my ancestors and myself, with the present moment and the future.