Xige Xia
Bubbles (Project 2)

China, as an old civilization, has developed a very diverse culture with an immense number of ethnic groups. While the Hans are the majority group, there are another fifty-five distinct ethnic groups. Through the modernization and economic growth, people in many different ethnic groups are gradually abandoning their traditional lifestyles, leaving no one to carry on the old ways in arts, crafts, music, customs and so on. The charming tradition and the age-old cultural traits have been gradually passing into silence. The diversity and originality of the Chinese culture is extremely vulnerable and fragile right now just as treasures contained in bubbles that could be broken any time. Some unique culture elements have already become distinct.

In this installation, I incorporated inspirations from the Chinese minority groups’ cultural treasures ranging from costume patterns, vintage musical instruments to disappearing language etc. Through my artwork, I truly want to express my wishes for these crystals of our ancestors’ wisdom to not only survive but to pass on and carry forward. And this wistfulness is not only for Chinese culture; it also applies to cultures all over the world.