Xige Xia
Cultural Noodles (Project 1)

Name: Cultural noodles (Project 1)

Material: Mixed material/ installation

Both the Chinese food, such as noodles, and the Chinese culture nourished me as I grew up and they make me who I am today. After a few years’ immersion in the Western culture, I became more interested in many aspects of the Chinese culture as oppose to before, when I just took it for granted.

In this piece, I present a carrier of my nostalgia, my concerns about the preservation of the traditional culture, and the problems in the society of ignoring the importance of traditional culture by mainly focusing on economic development. The text on the “noodles” taps into topics such as Chinese history, customs, ethnicity, traditional classic literature and philosophy, eating utensil’s background, Wikipedia information (wrong and right) about the Chinese government, censorship, international relationships, negative news about China and some of my commentary on certain cultural phenomenon. You cannot easily read the full information since I cut the noodles in half and mix them together. It’s just as if the complicated reality.