Rao San Ling
Rao San Ling Day 2: Er He Ci Temple

The pilgrimage continues on the second day of Rao San Ling to Er He Ci temple in He Yi Cheng village. The temple’s courtyard is filled with altars, offerings, and groups of the Bai community chanting in prayer. The temple itself was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution, and later rebuilt. Outside the temple, beggars wait with hopes of charity and merchants sell their wares. Inside is the main temple God, the Benzhu, and three Bai Gods — Liù Mǔ (the sixth mother), Liù Zǐ (daughter), and Liù Sūn (granddaughter). To the right of the main temple is another structure (also a temple) with the God of money (Cái Shén). In front of the main temple is a table with an altar for the Prince (Taì Zî), which people pray to for fertility. Many rituals take place at the temple as well. People will pray over their prayer offerings and burn them so that the Gods will be able to hear their prayers. In the afternoon, Bai women’s groups perform traditional dances in front of the temple with tambourines, rattling sticks, fans, and songs.

Throughout the morning, our team was led through the temple by well-met members of the Bai community. The video below documents the procession on the second day of Rao San Ling. Additional photos from the morning are available on Flickr.