Chinese New Year 2013
Spring Festival: New Year Gifts in Juxian Region

Wang Xia Lin in Junxia, Shandong sends information about the Spring Festival celebrations from her home town about paper cuts for the Spring Festival:

The most common New Year gifts in the Juxian region, Shandong province, are made from wheat flour such as steamed breads, vegies baozi, and steamed sponge cake. The preparation usually begins at the 12th lunar month and lasts several days in order to have the food the first month of the new year.

There are several steps in making steamed bread. First, leaven dough with baking power and ferment it for a night on warm heater. The next morning the dough will be soft with a hint of sourness. Then you can knead more dry flour into the dough and cut it into small pieces for further kneading. Then you can use this dough to make different kinds of food.
There are two kind of steamed bread: round bread and square bread. The round steamed bread is usually used for offering to ancestors and gifts for relatives. The square steamed bread, which is easier to make, is served for family members. People also put dates in steamed bread to bring wealth or make veggies baozi or bean bread.

The breads and cakes made from wheat will be eaten in the early morning of the first day at the first lunar month. Some of what is eaten is a New Year gift sent by relatives. When married women visit their parents they bring food gifts made from wheat flour.