Chinese New Year 2013
Spring Festival: Juxian Paper Cuts

Wang Xia Lin in Junxia, Shandong sends information about the Spring Festival celebrations from her home town about paper cuts for the Spring Festival:

In China, people paste paper cuts on their doors, windows, and walls during the Spring Festival to enhance the festival atmosphere. The paper cut for door hangings made in Ju Xian region is very famous. These papercuts are included in the national list of intangible cultural heritage in 2008, and the UNESCO Human Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2012.

Traditionally, there are ten door hangings in five colors pasted inside and outside one door lintel. Red, green, yellow, pink, and blue-violet are the most common colors. The sizes of the door hangings are varied by the different sizes of the doors. Door hangings are usually decorated with diverse patterns including water ripple, petal, grid, diamond, and text such as fortunateness, career, longevity   and double happiness. Generally, door hangings are handmade with ordinary colored paper. In recent years, people started using machine processing and the materials are more diverse.

Every Spring Festival’s Eve afternoon, fathers and children paste the couplets and door hangings on the door lintel together while mothers prepare the food. First, fathers clean the couplet vestiges from last year and then the children hand the new door hangings to their fathers who paste them on. Afterwards, children will very carefully open and close the door in order to prevent the door hangings from being damaged. The beautiful paper cuts, children’s laughter, delicious food, make for a very festive environment