Paper Cuts: Qi Xiu Hua 齐秀花: 剪纸
Paper Cuts: Qi Xiu Hua 齐秀花: 剪纸 - Contemporary Paper Cuts

The following paper cuts demonstrate a wide range of techniques and subject matter used by artists today.  All these paper cuts come from a 2008 exhibition by the Contemporary Shanghai Paper Cut Exhibition organization.

Steering organizations:
  Shanghai Federation of Literary and Art Circles
  Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture  Radio Film & TV
  Shanghai Luwan District People Government
  Shanghai Folk Literature and Art Association
  Shanghai Artists Association
  The Shanghai Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center
  Shanghai Luwan District Bureau of Culture
  Shanghai Paper-cut Professional Committee
  Shanghai Arts & Crafts Association
  Shanghai Arts & Crafts Industry Association
  Shanghai Shoubai Cultural & Art Co., Ltd.
  Shanghai Luwan District Culture Center
Support Units:
  Fudan University Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts
  Shanghai Arts & Design Academy