He Xue-sheng
Cultural Heritage

Mr. He’s artwork reflects the village of his birth, integrating nature with abstract ideas. Much of his work concentrates on the high mountain area of North West China. This region is very large and arid. It is populated by a relatively few families that farm plots near the Yellow River. There is little rain in the area, which makes farming a challenge. Mr. He incorporates this theme into his work. For example, many of his paintings have white balls that represent clouds. These are intended as symbols of hope for rain and the fertility of the land.

According to Dr. Lin Hue-Pin, Director of the White Lotus Gallery in Eugene, Oregon, who represents Mr. He in the United States, He explores also explores other themes in his work, including the traditions of his people. For example, He captures in oil the villagers preparing for rare opera performances. Opera events occur only twice per year and the villagers, when they aren’t busy plowing, sowing, and harvesting, take time to paint their faces, don colorful costumes and warm up their singing voices. Life is hard for the villagers, but they maintain a positive hope and joy in celebration. All this is folded into the landscape with blue and white sky, surrounded by mountains, yellow cattle and pear trees.