He Xue-sheng
Artist At Work

He Xue-sheng is a successful painter in Song Zhuang. Mr. He was born in 1963 during the Cultural Revolution. Originally from Su Pu village in Sourthern Ningxia Hui Autonmous District in North Central China, he came to Beijing in 1993. His home is also his gallery and studio where lives, creates and exhibits his work. Mr. He works independently without government support and sells his work internationally. The most important thing for him is his passion about his work, making art for art’s sake.

Mr. He works both in oil and acrylic, favoring oil for its origins in Western culture and for its stability and firmness. He admires Western portraits and Renaissance work, particularly for their detail. He integrates all kinds of styles, informing his own unique work.

Mr. He’s process begins by venturing out into the villages where he sketches scenes. Villagers and tourists alike gather to witness this first stage of his creation. He draws first and then returns home to his studio to paint. He spends about two hours painting the original raw drawings—which he then uses as a study to inform his larger works that incorporate more detail and a grander scale.