Printmaking/Painting: Su Xinping 苏新平
Cultural Heritage

Red in Su Xinping’s paintings represents Chinese culture. “The hands which are ubiquitous in the background, guide believers, like the sail of a ship, to brave the wind and the waves. Hands connote numerous meanings to the Chinese, ranging from the many gestures of Buddhism, the hand code in Tantrism, the palmistry in Taoism and the contemporary ‘Chairman Mao waves us forward'”(Minglu, G.). Influenced by global traditions, Chinese landscape paintings, Chinese ink paintings and the idealistic Mongolian life of singing and dancing reflected in folk paintings of the backcountry regions, Su Xinping’s paintings are a collaboration and combination of East and West. According to Su Xinping, “Every artist responds in own way to changing society.”

Taken from Interview Notes- Su Xue-Pin 9/5/09 Notes by Doug Blandy; Interview by Kristin Congdon and Notes from Su Xinping’s Art (Minglu, G. &, Jinan, Y. & Xiaoxia, S.)