Barney & Loye

Map of China with Shanghai markedQuotes

Shanghai FlagBarney: Shanghai was about the only place that people were very outgoing. They would come up to us and want to practice English.

We were walking through the park and a boy and girl were holding hands and people would come to stare because they were so bold as to hold hands in a park.

Shanghai was wonderful. The Yangzi River, at that time a lot of people lived in the junks, battered boats with ripped sails. A lot of times the children would never get off the boats. They would just cruise up and down the river. Shanghai was more modern and the only place we ever saw a fork instead of chopsticks.

Loye: I think by that time the chopsticks were welded to our hands. In Shanghai all of the buildings were wrapped up in a bamboo cover. It was scaffolding. You didn’t see anything of the buildings. They were twenty or thirty stories some of these buildings and they went right up to the top. It was solid. The whole time we were there I kept thinking if someone were to pull a string somewhere all of the bamboo would fall off and there would be this marvelous building underneath.