Barney & Loye

In June of 1982 Barney and Loye Barnard flew from the U.S. to Hong Kong eager to explore the fascinating cultures of Communist China. After two weeks of rejection due to the limitation on noncitizens entering the country, the couple was finally allowed to hop on a train, and investigate the foreign lands. They began their two and a half month journey in Zhengzhou, traveled as far West as Urumqi, and concluded their trip in Shanghai. Along the way they experienced varying traditions and cultures and gained knowledge that even the Smithsonian had yet to unveil. On this site, it is our pleasure to bring to you the journey that these two extraordinary individuals took to expand their understanding of a truly fascinating country.

Barney and Loye’s story is told in quotes from a 2009 interview, journal entries written by Loye in 1982, photography by Barney, and drawing by Loye. Interspersed are facts about China and that time.