Barney & Loye

Map of China with Beijing markedQuotes

Beijing FlagBarneyWe went into a factory that was very small and there were two ladies and a stretched canvas and on either side was a lady with their thread and needles and they would pass it back and forth. As they got finished there were totally separate designs, pictures, one on one side and one on the other.

LoyeI’m really hoping that someone from Chinavine can see some this work because it was back in the East and it was out of Beijing. There should be works like that and maybe they are still doing it. It’s an incredible thing and we haven’t seen it anywhere else in all of our travels.

Journal Entry

Journal“Tiananmen Square had an entrance table with a photographer, chair, table and phone. People would line up very excited to have their picture taken with the telephone.” –Loye

In 1982 it was a big deal to have a phone in China. Once during the interview Loye mentioned that phones were so uncommon that even the railroad system only had one line to communicate.