Printmaking/Painting: Su Xinping 苏新平
Artist At Work

In May 2009 ChinaVine team members Kristin Congdon, Doug Blandy, Jess Yates, Myra Tam, Crystal Bell, and John Fenn met with Su Xinping in his studio. According to Su Xinping, “Art is to wake [us] up”; hence, scale is important to his work. An artist must learn about work and self–what to emphasize. The highly politically charged paintings are about raising questions, not about attacking government. Guided by passion and social responsibility as an artist, Su Xinping’s artwork serves both social and artistic functions. The work is about China, a comment on contemporary China but also about people of the world. Su Xinping describes his figures as “bloated and exploded.” They are citizens of China, modest and humane, but the people are oblivious to what is happening to them. There is sickness all around them, causing the self to also be sick.

Taken from Interview Notes- Su Xue-Pin 9/5/09. Notes by Doug Blandy; Interview by Kristin Congdon and Notes from Su Xinping’s Art (Minglu, G. &, Jinan, Y. & Xiaoxia, S.)