Kite Factory Artists: Weifang Kites 潍坊风筝艺术工厂

Artist painting at a tableTraditional Chinese factories employ millions of workers from the lower economic brackets. The workers migrate from rural areas to live in the cities in order to find jobs. There is also a large migration of people between cities in the neverending search for work. The conditions in these factories can be pretty grim, depending upon the industry, and the hours are long. But the kite factory we visited in Weifang was pleasant and workers experienced satisfaction with their job. Often times they work 10-12 hour days, for 6-7 days a week during the high seasons for incredibly low wages.

Artist sketching in pencil at a tableYet, somehow the crafts produced here are world class, especially in the kite factories of Weifang. The kites require delicate movements and steady hands in order to be assembled and decorated successfully. To be able to create such a high quality product under these conditions is a true testament to the strength, resolve an dedication of the Chinese people.

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